10 +1 Suggestions for the Most Romantic Day of the Year by Milena by Paris!

Milena by Paris Valentine Blog Post

February is undoubtedly the most erotic month of the year. Romance is in the air, and in Milena by Paris could not skip mentioning this special day! Although romance is not exclusively this day’s privilege, everyone can rightfully declare "I am in love" on this day without any qualms whatsoever!

We are here to help you make Valentine's Day as unique as possible, with some exciting and sexy ideas!

  1. Organize a quick trip

    Show your loved ones what you think about them by organizing a small getaway in Greece or abroad. There are countless romantic destinations for all tastes, and you will indeed find a beautiful room to benefit from, rest, and spend quality time with your lover!

  2. Express your love in words

    It's nice to know that someone loves you and shows it to you, but it's also really nice to express it... in writing! A little note, a card, and a love poem for the more romantic ones, are precisely what a person in love would wish for. You don't need any particular talent to do so, only a piece of paper and the words just say themselves!

  3. Love goes through the stomach

    Organize a dinner for two, either in a romantic restaurant or, ideally, at home. The pleasure of food has been associated with that of love forever. We all know the beneficial effect of certain foods on libido, so do not miss the opportunity to show your partner your cooking skills. Alternatively, get dressed, choose a set of the unique lingerie from Milena by Paris, and take advantage of the sexy vibes of the day for an unforgettable culinary, and not only, experience!

  4. Visualize your love

    If you want a unique gift for the day, make a photo album from the moments of your life with your partner. Use photos from excursions, home, or even the more intimate ones and gift them to your partner so that your special moments are always with you.

  5. Grooming for two

    Organize an evening of pampering for only two! Equip yourself appropriately, create an erotic atmosphere, and indulge in an evening of massaging each other. What could be sexier than to offer the person you want a highly relaxing experience?

  6. Musical experiences

    The concept of love is highly connected with music. You will both have favorite songs for sure, maybe even your own song, so why not create a highly erotic playlist to offer your partner?

  7. Plan a movie marathon

    A particularly tempting suggestion for cinephiles in the laxity of their home! Pick some of your favorite movies, sit comfortably on your couch or, even better, in your bed, and enjoy your most favorite (romantic, preferably) movies undistracted.

  8. Take a walk in the city

    Valentine's Day is full of love- and it’s everywhere! Take advantage of the day and organize a walk in the most romantic parts of your city, stroll hand in hand in the streets without a specific destination and enjoy each other's company.

  9. Book a suite in a hotel

    If you don't have the time for a romantic getaway, you can book a suite in a hotel and spend an evening as if you were elsewhere! Order room service, groom each other, and rejuvenate without having to go away!

  10. Memories

    If you've been together for a long time, the day is an excellent opportunity for endless conversations, like those of the first few dates! Revive the first moments of your relationship and remember the early days' stress, excitement, and impatience!

  11. 10+1 The perfect gift from Milena by Paris

    On this day, celebrate love without inhibitions! Equip yourself or gift your partner one of the unique underwear of Milena by Paris and make the erotic atmosphere soar! A gift that you will undoubtedly both appreciate! Check here our suggestions for this special day!

And don't forget: Express yourselves freely and share your feelings!